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At 01:37 AM 8/17/2006, Jim wrote:
>John Quayle wrote:
>>          */You'll never see this boy flying on a commercial jet 
>> again - unless it's at gun-point. I'm not shelling out an 
>> exorbitant amount of my earnings to get strip-searched in public. 
>> I could be naked and still be pulled aside. Look, I speak perfect 
>> English (born here), can name every World Series winner going back 
>> to and including 1954 (New York Giants over Cleveland's Indians), 
>> I can tell you Bart Starr's jersey number, Secretariat won the 
>> Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont (Triple Crown) in 
>> 1973 (bumping Willie Stargell off the cover of "The Sporting News" 
>> in May)........all because I'm a native _AMERICAN_!!! People like 
>> me are getting unnecessarily "rectally examined" every day. We 
>> didn't blow up the WTC, the Pentagon or bury flight 93 nose-first 
>> into the Westmoreland County loam!!!
>>John Q.
>Same here John except that I'm not into sports.

         Okay......let's do the USC Justices - alphabetically!

Samuel Alito
Stephen Breyer
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Stephen Kennedy
John G. Roberts (Chief Justice)
Antonin Scalia
David Souter
John Paul Stevens
Clarence Thomas

         Now, then..........the "Three Stooges" were actually six guys:

Moses "Moe" Horvitz (Howard)
Louis "Larry" Fineberg (Fine)
Jerome "Curly" Horvitz (Howard)
Samuel "Shemp" Horvitz (Howard)
Joe Besser (Curly-Joe)
Joe DeRita (Curly Joe, II)

John Q. 
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