You won't see this on the evening news

Sat Aug 19 01:28:30 MDT 2006

It's a short article, so I included it.


Would-Be Robber With Screwdriver Foiled

INDIANAPOLIS - A customer carrying a gun foiled a man who attempted to 
rob a fast-food restaurant with a screwdriver in his pocket, police said.

William McMiller Jr., 40, was being held at the Marion County jail 
Friday on an $80,000 bond for an initial charge of robbery.

He demanded money and threatened to shoot a cashier at the Kentucky 
Fried Chicken on the city's west side Thursday afternoon, according to 
Indianapolis police.

McMiller ordered a bucket of chicken then told the cashier, "Give me the 
money before I shoot you," police said.

He held his hand in his back pocket as if reaching for a gun, police 
said, then began to climb over the counter.

Paul Sherlock, a customer sitting in the dining room, approached and 
pulled out his 9 mm handgun.

He held McMiller at gunpoint until police arrived. Officers found a long 
screwdriver, but no gun, in McMiller's pocket.

Sherlock had a valid gun permit, police said.

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