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AC FOX Activated Carbon Facilitated Oxidation

I stumbled across this today while looking for something else at

Hugh McLaughlin invented it in 2001 and perfected it to the point he was 
able to get a patent for it in January.

If you're interested, start at
At you'll see a link to an 
article in the Boston Globe of May 6 this year.

It's a process that allows for disposing of organic waste that's cheaper 
and produces less pollution than other processes.

The links above go into more detail than I'll try, but to keep it 
simple: There's a big steel tube full of activated charcoal.  The tube 
is heated and set on rollers so it is constantly rotated.

In one end you put air and some water containing the waste you want to 
get rid of.  The crud in the water is trapped by the activated charcoal. 
  The air reacts with the crud in the activated charcoal.

Out the other end you get steam at temperatures between 300 and 700 
degrees, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and inorganic ash suitable for using 
as fertilizer.  The steam is hot enough to be used to drive a turbine 
thereby generating electricity.

The temperature inside the ac fox reactor is low enough that you don't 
get toxic by products like you would if the crud was disposed of by 
means of ordinary burning.  For example when you get your car smog 
checked, one thing they often test for is nitrogen oxides.  The ac fox 
process isn't hot enough to create any.

What's my point?  This is the result of some guy in Massachusetts 
tinkering around in his basement.  He's free to make obscene amounts of 
money off of it.  That's why it was invented here and not in Venezuela, 
Cuba, China or any of the other lefties' workers paradises.


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