Mon Aug 21 00:02:33 MDT 2006

Thomas Matiska wrote:
> And the charcoal (carbon) comes from????????    IF there is the 
> slightest chance that this method will cause more coal mining or 
> timbering of hardwoods the enviros will be screaming.   No process that 
> starts with carbon(fossil fuel) and ends with carbon dioxide(global 
> warming) has a chance with them.
> Tom

The same charcoal is used over and over again.  Of course you're right 
that the enviroweenies will fight it tooth and nail.  Nevermind that it 
will serve to reduce air pollution.  The fact it was invented by someone 
who dares to patent it and charge others for the right to use it is 
enough to make the enviroweenies hate it.


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