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Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Wed Aug 23 19:05:46 MDT 2006

>Carl wrote:
>>Then catholics are not Christian if they have no trust in salvation.
>>That makes catholics unsaved and merely a religion like all others.
>>But only if your correct.
>You are way off base on this.
>An aside - What is "a religion like all others?"
>That's a non-sensical remark.
>The fact that a person can gravely sin and not be saved doesn't make 
>catholics "unsaved".  nonsense.
>Our Loving Savior died and - most importantly - rose from the dead in 
>order to atone for the sins of all.  However, that glorious 
>salvation  earned through Him does NOT relieve us of responsibility.  His 
>ever-powerful charge to us - "Love one another as I have loved you."  His 
>love for us was, and still is, the absolute of love for another - the 
>giving of one's life.  Few of us will ever truly have the opportunity to 
>give our life in love for another.  But there is much we can indeed do in 
>love for one another on the great path towards eternal life.  Our Savior 
>was quite clear in His demand for this.
>We are all "saved" through the sacrifice of Our Savior.  That's why He did 
>it!  He gave that gift freely to all.  We are, then, by definition 
>saved.  No one is unsaved.  However, complacency would be a sorrowful 
>mistake, for it is easy for any of us to reject that salvation.  The 
>Church teaches that sin is a manifestation of this rejection.  It is not 
>limited to Catholics - nor is salvation.
>Oh - and trust is not in salvation;  trust is in God.

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