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I dunno, call me crazy, but sometimes, unless the aim is to alienate people who otherwise would be friends, or to emulate raghead-style intolerance and thereby draw attention to one's own arrogance, it's best not to hold forth personal opinions that trash others or others' deeply held beliefs.  Some of the zealous views I've read in this thread border on wierd and are without qualification, tawdry, contemptible and offensive. But then, those would be MY personal opinions.

A Cruce Salos - A Deo et Rege.


"Stephen A. Frye" <s.frye at VERIZON.NET> wrote: >Carl wrote:
>>Then catholics are not Christian if they have no trust in salvation.
>>That makes catholics unsaved and merely a religion like all others.
>>But only if your correct.
>You are way off base on this.
>An aside - What is "a religion like all others?"
>That's a non-sensical remark.
>The fact that a person can gravely sin and not be saved doesn't make 
>catholics "unsaved".  nonsense.
>Our Loving Savior died and - most importantly - rose from the dead in 
>order to atone for the sins of all.  However, that glorious 
>salvation  earned through Him does NOT relieve us of responsibility.  His 
>ever-powerful charge to us - "Love one another as I have loved you."  His 
>love for us was, and still is, the absolute of love for another - the 
>giving of one's life.  Few of us will ever truly have the opportunity to 
>give our life in love for another.  But there is much we can indeed do in 
>love for one another on the great path towards eternal life.  Our Savior 
>was quite clear in His demand for this.
>We are all "saved" through the sacrifice of Our Savior.  That's why He did 
>it!  He gave that gift freely to all.  We are, then, by definition 
>saved.  No one is unsaved.  However, complacency would be a sorrowful 
>mistake, for it is easy for any of us to reject that salvation.  The 
>Church teaches that sin is a manifestation of this rejection.  It is not 
>limited to Catholics - nor is salvation.
>Oh - and trust is not in salvation;  trust is in God.

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