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I rarely do this (forward whole copy), but you really SHOULD hear these ads.  Finally, someone with enough actual stones to say the ever-loving truth.


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     Dear NewsMax Reader: 

Please find below a special message from our sponsor, Vernon Robinson for Congress. He has some important information to share with you. 

Thank you. 



Wow! Here at Robinson for Congress we have received so many compliments from you on our "pull no punches" radio ads. And we're certainly glad you liked them, because you paid for them! 

Almost every day people ask me, "Vernon, when are you going to put out your next radio ad, and how are you ever going to top the 'Mariachi Party' ad you ran several weeks ago?"

                       [In case you missed it, click here to hear the ever-popular "Mariachi Party."]
Well, this email answers both questions. The newest radio spot is out right now, and you're going to love it!

We call the new spot, "Beverly Hill-Miller," because it's a parody using the Beverly Hillbillies theme song. The ad highlights the ridiculous extent to which ultra-liberal Congressman Brad Miller is giving away billions of our tax dollars to these illegal aliens who stream across our borders every night of the year.

{The text of the ad appears at the bottom of this email message.} 

Miller has voted to give these illegals Social Security payments, in-state tuition, free health care, drivers' licenses, and even voter registration forms and ballots in printed in Spanish! And now he wants to give them amnesty! 

These people are just ripping us off, and with his atrocious voting record, Miller is only encouraging MORE of them to come here - ILLEGALLY, of course. 

Yes, I know there are some voters who think illegal immigration is not so bad as long as the illegals actually get jobs and work, but the fact is that millions of them are NOT working - they are simply letting the American taxpayer support them and their many children. 

Nobody thinks this is fair or smart - except for Brad Miller and the other liberals in the Congress. 

Our new radio spot makes this very point, using a catchy, well-known folk tune and devastating sarcasm. You'll have trouble getting it out of your head! 

                     Click here to hear "Beverly Hill-Miller"!
The lighthearted, parody style may not be a favorite of you more serious types who prefer more somber discussion, but trust me on this - I have learned that there are some voters who simply cannot be reached with that kind of dialogue. They won't tune in unless you amuse them, even entertain them - particularly the marginal voters who will sometimes go into the voting booth and just flip a coin. 

Here at Vernon Robinson for Congress we have to reach so many voters from so many different backgrounds, and I have found that we have to use different styles and different approaches - we have to meet each voter on his own level, and for many of them, this kind of parody is ideal. And after you've listened to it, you'll have to admit, it is pretty darned funny! 

Reaching all of these people means playing this spot on a variety of different radio stations throughout the district, and of course that means we have to raise the money necessary to put them on the air. As of right now we've paid for the ad to run throughout the district for one week. 

One week! 

That means this Saturday the ad will have to come down on all the stations. That's not because we want it to come down - that's because my treasurer tells me that's all the money we can budget for the spot right now. 

You know what I told her? I told her, "Not so fast." I told her that I think I know some good conservatives who agree with us on this issue who just might be willing to help us keep this thing on the air. 

I was thinking of you, and other good Americans like you, who yearn for a congressman willing to do something to stop the invasion. 

A congressman who says our country can't afford to be the welfare safety net for every impoverished socialist country south of the border, and a safe haven for every terrorist from every corner of the world. 

A congressman who says it is foolish and incredibly dangerous to allow 8,000 illegals to flood across our borders every night, and disappear into our streets and fields. 

A congressman who knows that the easier we make it for these illegal aliens once they get here, the more of them we will have sneaking over tomorrow - and a congressman who knows that there is a never-ending supply of people in this world wanting to come to this country, instead of working to fix their own country the way we and our forebears did here. 

My friend, it costs $110 to air this 60 second ad a single time on a major North Carolina radio station. Will you agree to sponsor just such an airing? 

Could you see your way clear to donating that amount - $110 - to keep the ad on the air? Some of you may find you like the ad so much you are willing to sponsor several; a $550 contribution pays for five! 

If just a few dozen of you do it, we can keep the entire congressional district hearing this message for at least another week. By that time we'll have another ad ready - one that highlights many of the other issues Brad Miller is simply dead wrong on. 

Remember, this man voted to allow people to burn the American flag, and to remove the Ten Commandments from our public buildings. He voted to strip the words, "under God" from our Pledge of Allegiance, and never met a tax increase he didn't like. He won't support our military, and cozies up to the militant homosexual lobby. 

He actually voted to allow convicted child molesters from foreign countries to immigrate to America. (The liberals argue that raping a child is not a "violent felony," so the pedophiles should still be allowed to come here. I say we don't need immigrants badly enough that I would ever agree to take in child molesters.) 

Just imagine the satisfaction you will have in knowing that you played a concrete role in defeating a congressman like that -- the South's most liberal white congressman! YOU sponsored a radio ad that sent that kind of man packing, and replaced him with a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family, pro growth Air Force veteran - a black Republican conservative who will give the liberals fits when he gets to D.C. 

If you can't sponsor a whole $110 ad, can you please give something? Every little bit counts. 

As I've said before, I have to have a whole lot of skinny cats to make up for my opponent's fat cats. He's raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from trial lawyers and special interest PACs that won't give a penny to a challenger like me. 

All I have is you, but I thank God every day that I do have you - every one of you, because it is your moral support and your daily prayers for me and my family that keep me going through the long, dark hours of this hard campaign. 

As you can imagine, we do get a lot of flak from the liberal media about our radio ads, and it is your moral support in part that gives me the courage to run them. It is certainly your financial support that makes them possible in the first place. 

I truly hope you can send a donation today to help keep this ad up through next week. We have to reach every voter, and the Beverly Hillbillies jingle is just what some of them need to hear to get them interested in the election. Whatever your decision, please know that I appreciate your interest and your support, and I truly hope that God will bless you as He has blessed America. 


Vernon Robinson 

                   Help me air my new Radio ad!                      

[Bluegrass banjo music starts] 

Your congressman Brad Miller is giving away all your tax dollars to these illegal aliens. Vernon Robinson thinks that's wrong, and Robinson for Congress paid for this message. 

[male voice singing] 

"Come and hear me tell about a politician named Brad. 

He gave illegal aliens everthang we had. 

Gave 'em Social Security and Drivers' Licenses, too. 

Free health care, free lawyers, free lunch at the school." 

"Well, the next thing you know ol' Brad's a Congressman, 

With all the sneaky aliens eatin' from his hand. 

'Sugar Daddy Miller's' what they call him in D.C. 

"Givin' them the taxes he stole from you and me." 

[Candidate speaks.] 

"I'm Vernon Robinson, and I approved this message. If you send me to Congress, I'll secure the borders, stop the handouts, and protect your jobs. 

[male voice singing] 

"Well, now it's time to say goodbye to Brad in Washington. 

And 14 million aliens he's given so much fun. 

You're not invited back unless you come here legally, 

Because you took advantage of our hospitality." 

[spoken over banjo instrumental trailer] 

"Hey, all you illegals! Put yer shoes on. Go home! Don't come back now, ya hear?"                    
                                                                                                              Paid for by Robinson for Congress | www.vernonrobinson.com
P.O. Box 272 | Winston-Salem, NC | 27102 | (336) 499-4370 


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