Condie Snookered

John Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Thu Aug 24 21:22:09 MDT 2006

         The best/wisest thing I've ever heard anyone say about the 
State Department comes from Jim Quinn who says, "that's one place 
that oughta be bricked over.......all the windows and 
doors.........just seal it up, tight!"

John Q.

At 04:00 PM 8/24/2006, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>   Two times Condie Rice has been snookered
>by Russia and China re Iran's non compliance with
>U.N. resolutions.
>   And now today, the U.S. State Dept, has pulled
>back from pressing for Iran's non-nuclear compliance.
>   Such a pullback is starting to sound like the spirit
>of Neville Chamberlain is haunting the White House.
>   George better fumigate the place before it smells
>and acts like Dem HQ.
>Semper Fi,
>Kenneth E. Wyman       Huntsville, AL 35802
>"One must fight if only to have fought according to
>   one's conscience."
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