Thu Aug 24 23:52:53 MDT 2006

John Quayle wrote:
>          */Since nobody asked, here's how _I'D_ rate them..................
> 3rd runner-up: Jimmy Carter
Gave away the Panama Canal.

Allowed the mullahs to take over Iran.  Now it looks like thanks to 
Jimmy that we'll soon have jihadis with nukes.

Helped generate the opinion in the middle east that America is a paper 
tiger through his inaction during the hostage crisis at the US embassy 
in Tehran.

> 2nd runner-up: Lyndon Johnson

Responsible for the so called war on poverty that resulted in $6 
trillion wasted and several generations of people who think the 
government is supposed to provide for their every desire.  This "war on 
poverty" also resulted in U.S. cities becoming the hellholes they are today.

His mishandling of the war in Vietnam turned what should have been a 
victory into a humiliating defeat.  With a stroke of the pen he could 
have kept Dan Rather and his camera crew out of Vietnam.

> Runner-Up: Billy-the-Kid Clinton

Gave up U.S. military secrets relating to nuclear weapons and rockets to 
the Chinese.  Thanks to Bill, the Chinese can now put a man in orbit and 
bring him home safely.  If someone can do that, they can put a nuke in 
orbit and bring it down anywhere they want to.

Together with Jimmy Carter set this "agreed framework" in motion which 
resulted in a North Korea that may soon have nukes if they don't 
already.  Also thanks to the Chinese who gave the North Korean 
government the rocket technology it bought from Clinton, the North 
Koreans have the means to deliver to the U.S. any nukes they come up with.

Started the precedent with Ruby Ridge and Waco that it's ok for the 
government to murder innocent civilians.  Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge 
might have been some sort of criminal, but that doesn't give the 
Federales the right to shoot his unarmed son and his wife while she's 
holding the baby.  Every morning that preacher in Waco left his compound 
to go jogging along the county roads in the area.  The Federales could 
have nabbed him while he was out jogging alone, and nobody would have 
been hurt.

Contributed to America's paper tiger image by doing nothing about the 
1993 terrorist attack against the WTC.

Did nothing about the other terrorist attacks against the U.S. that 
happened while he was in the White House.

Did not accept Sudan's offer to hand over Osama to the U.S.

Blew up an aspirin factory in Sudan to distract the media from his 
affair with Monica.

Allowed his cronies to do thousands of dollars to the White House in the 
days before he left office.

I could go on, but most email systems have a limit on the size of posts.

> _WORST_: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Took the U.S. off the gold standard.

Set up the welfare system that Johnson later exploited during his "war 
on poverty".  The problems with the welfare state are legion and don't 
need to be repeated here.

Started the "government can take care of your every need and desire" 
mentality that plagues America to this day.

Put thousands of American citizens in prison camps in Arizona, 
confiscated most of their property.  By the time the Federales finally 
decided to compensate them, most were dead.

Gave away Eastern Europe to the Russians.

Didn't allow Patton to go to Berlin.

I could go on, but as I said earlier, your email systems have a limit on 
the size of messages.

>         Folks, no matter how you slice the bread here, this is a 
> notorious Rogues Gallery (of sorts) of White House occupants. 


 > None deserve to be called "President." That's really harsh, I'm sure.

Doesn't sound harsh to me.

> However, all have done irreparable harm to these United States.  They've 
> earned the distinction that I've applied here.

John, you've earned a cigar with this post.  I'll get one for you just 
as soon as I'm able to drive to Mexico to buy one.


"I have this theory that people get promoted to management because 
they're crap at any other job."
- Roger Twiggy Day

"It's 3 in the morning.  Do you know where your Kennedys are?"
- Sean Hannity

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