Carl Spitzer cwsiv at NERDSHACK.COM
Thu Aug 24 20:56:55 MDT 2006

Since its known Carter was the dumbest jackass in the office, and
kLIEton the most corrupt bar none, what does that say of the womans
qualifications?  Supreme court material if the democrats ever get back
into the white house and that will happen if the GOP does not stop
promoting liberal big spenders like Bush 2.


On Thu, 2006-08-24 at 13:50 -0700, MCSpearing wrote:
> Actually, Clinton was just an amoral if not immoral and corrupt
> president, but the dumbest shit I've ever personally seen in office,
> the slobbering, jackass-grinning boob who appointed Anna
> Diggs"Clarabelle" Taylor, is none other than James Feckless Carter.
> Possibly THE worst president of all time.
> William White <wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
>         The  sorry ass Clinton who promoted her.
>         Bill
>         MCSpearing <yuramac at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
>                 Anna Diggs Taylor's greatest qualification to be a
>                 judge is the height of her ridiculous eyebrows, not to
>                 mention her "widow's peak."  She's a buffoon
>                 princess  

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