Racial Tension in Farmers Branch, Texas

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Sun Aug 27 00:23:31 MDT 2006

A City Councilman in Farmers Branch, Texas, has proposed that English
should be the official language of the City, and that there should be
penalties against any company who hires illegals, and that illegals
should not be able to rent apartments.  Approximately 300 wetback lovers
showed up at the Farmers Branch City Hall calling for the resignation of
the City Councilman who made the unofficial proposal.  Likewise many
citizens of Farmers Branch, showed up at the Hispanic demonstration, to
make a counter protest against the wetback lovers.  The wetback lovers
have no concept of the meaning of LEGAL.  They want the illegals to have
the ability to continue their drain on the economy and their contribution
to the rising crime rate.  


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