Fox journalist and cameraman freed

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Mon Aug 28 14:55:23 MDT 2006

As you may, regrettably, know, I dabble in the dark arts of poetry.  But, I'm puzzled.  What the hell rhymes with STOCKHOLM?

William White <wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
    I have heard of fox-hole conversions.  Now fox-newsmen terrorist hostage conversions.  This is just more Islam than anybody wants even while working the beat in the Gaza.  
  I am glad they are free.  As Bill Crystal says, now, let us see if the Palistine authorities will bring the perps to justice.  

Jim <jim at LADMO.AZANORAK.COM> wrote:
  Steve Centanni and his cameraman were released by the ragheads in the 
Gaza strip. I heard a blurb on the news about this. The guy reading 
the story said Centanni said he wanted to study islam.

I think he should study the koran. I know of a couple of guys in 
Tennessee who would be glad to help him.

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