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If you think this sort of behavior is bad now, just wait until the Third World invasion of America, aided and abetted by the country's two most significant political parties, finally overtakes and crashes the economy.  Then the Haves will truly have, the Vote-Buyers will have assured their perqs and power, and the hoi poloi will busily bloody one-another, stealing the nation deeper into poverty and corruption, as the curtain falls on the late greatest nation on Earth. 
  We are seeing it start; our children and their children will be caught up in it and will see it end.

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  Just when I thought I knew how stupid people can be, I was proven wrong. 
I saw a bit on the evening news telling about several recent power 
outages in Detroit.

It seems they were caused by dumbasses stealing copper wire from 
energized power company equipment. The reporter went on to say that 
sometimes it takes the power company a couple of days to replace the 
stolen wire and any other equipment that might have been damaged in the 
theft. They had a shot of a power pole that someone cut down so they 
could get at the wire. They also said this isn't limited to Detroit. 
Because of a spike in copper prices this is happening all over the 
country and several people were caught in the act when they electrocuted 


"I have this theory that people get promoted to management because 
they're crap at any other job."
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