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Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Mon Aug 28 15:20:49 MDT 2006

Very early this morning, FOX was discussing the UN's Children's Rights that 
the great Mr. Clinton was pushing to be signed into law.  As we know, this 
would have almost completely usurped parental rights.  Might`as well just 
have the UN sitting at the dining room table.  They explained how it was 
shot down, but were expressing great concern that, should the makeup of the 
senate change significantly, rubbish like this likely pass - especially 
when we have our esteemed judges being unsure of how to interpret the 
Constitution and thus relying on how other countries do things.

We the people ....
... and when all else fails, just check and see how everybody else is doing it.

Stephen A. Frye
s.frye at verizon.net
steve at fryefamily.net 

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