Fox journalist and cameraman freed

Mon Aug 28 22:47:08 MDT 2006

I know they were forced to convert to islam to save their lives.  IMHO 
it doesn't count since the conversion was under duress.

I still think Centanni should study the koran.  However, he should 
follow the example of those guys from Tennessee.
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John Quayle wrote:
>                   */Both of the captives were _FORCED_ to "convert" to 
> Islam in order to save their own lives.
> John Q.
> /*At 02:38 AM 8/28/2006, Jim wrote:
>> Steve Centanni and his cameraman were released by the ragheads in the 
>> Gaza strip.  I heard a blurb on the news about this.  The guy reading 
>> the story said Centanni said he wanted to study islam.
>> I think he should study the koran.  I know of a couple of guys in 
>> Tennessee who would be glad to help him.
>> In case you've forgotten -


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