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>WASHINGTON (BP)--During the Cold War, American 
>intelligence loved getting its hands on 
>defectors from communism. The reasoning was that 
>these people had the best information about the 
>plans of the other side, information that would help America defeat them.
>In the present war against what President Bush 
>has properly labeled "Islamic fascism," defectors are just as valuable.
>The Israel Project, an international nonprofit 
>organization devoted to educating the press and 
>the public about Israel, recently made a
>former leading imam and radical Islam expert 
>available for media interviews and I had a 
>chance to speak with him. He goes by the name of 
>Sam Soloman because of death threats from those 
>not happy with the information he has about their plans to dominate the world.
>Soloman was brought up in the Islamic tradition 
>and became a "recruiter," which he says is 
>something like an assistant teacher. One of his 
>responsibilities was "brainwashing people in the 
>Koran." He tells me "The suicide bombers go 
>through stages, and the most important stage is 
>not when they blow themselves up. The most important stage is conforming them
>to the [Muslim] ideology. Once they are 
>conformed to the ideology, the rest is easy. That is the role I had."
>Soloman is in double trouble. Not only did he 
>abandon Islam and the terrorists' objectives, he 
>has also become a Christian, which has
>marked him for death. Born in the Middle East, 
>he visited Washington from his adopted country, 
>which he declines to name to protect his family.
>Soloman speaks with knowledge, credibility and 
>conviction. He has memorized large sections of 
>the Koran and tells me, "There's not a
>single verse in the Koran talking about peace 
>with a non-Muslim, with the Jews and the 
>Christians. Islam means submission. Islam means 
>surrender. It means you surrender and accept 
>Islamic hegemony over yourselves...."
>I ask him about the best strategy for fighting 
>it: "It cannot be combated simply by force. It 
>needs to be combated ideologically, spiritually
>[as well as] through arms."
>Soloman says the outlets for Islamic ideology 
>are religious -- seminaries, the madrassas 
>(Koranic schools) and especially the mosques. 
>"From the beginning, Mohammed used the mosque to 
>propagate this ideology. It was in the mosque 
>that jihad was declared [and] that troops were 
>sent to conquer the rest of the world. The 
>mosque was the seat of government and Americans 
>are right to be concerned about [their growth]."
>He asks Americans to inform themselves about the 
>real teachings of Islam and not to fall for what 
>various Islamic groups say it teaches.
>Soloman says, "The simplest Islamic book you 
>open" teaches that all unbelievers [in Islam] 
>are profane people. "Because of the [Koranic] 
>text and what it says, it incites violence." He 
>begins quoting verses from memory, too quickly 
>to write them all down. One is, "Slay the 
>idolaters wherever you find them, and take them 
>captives and besiege them and lie in wait for 
>them in every ambush" (Surah 9:5).
>"This kind of tactic of taking verses out of 
>context can be used against any religious 
>faith," says Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for 
>Washington, D.C.-based Council on 
>American-Islamic Relations, an Islamic civil 
>rights and advocacy group. "It can and has been 
>used against the Bible and has been used against the Koran."
>"These verses deal with the real experience of 
>the Muslim community at the time when they were 
>under attack. It's not a general injunction to 
>go out and harm people. The only people who take 
>it that way are those who want to promote 
>hostility toward Islam and Muslims. They would 
>object if the same thing were done to their faith."
>Yes, but virtually all Christians and Jews 
>denounce the infinitesimal few who claim to be 
>Jewish or Christian and use their "holy books" to
>justify violence against others as a direct command from God.
>Asked whether the Koran commands the killing of 
>or violence against all nonbelievers, Ali Khan, 
>national director of the Chicago-based
>American Muslim Council, replied: "No. [That's] 
>far from the truth. There's nothing in the 
>Koran, no verse that I'm aware of, that advocates the killing of nonbelievers."
>The terrorists and those who preach from mosques 
>throughout the Middle East must be reading a 
>different version, then, because virtually all 
>of their sermons that I've read claim their God 
>wants them to kill all "infidels."
>Soloman says Americans must demand from the 
>leading Islamic hierarchy, such as the Muslim 
>World League and the Union of Imams, a fatwa 
>that makes it clear "that this is not what the 
>text means and that these texts are no longer 
>effective. They have passed their date. But if 
>they remain effective and eternally valid, then 
>in America we have a serious problem."
>How serious? He says "they are infiltrating and 
>undermining every part of this society. We are 
>promoting Islamic mortgages, Islamic insurance 
>companies. There are 29 banks in the United 
>States promoting Islamic banking. Since 1999, 
>Dow Jones has launched Dow Jones Islamic Index 
>and has subjected itself to be governed by an 
>international Sharia board." (Sharia is the 
>religious law of Islam outlined in the Koran.)
>Soloman adds, "The Islamic organizations have 
>their missionaries and there are active or 
>sleeping cells in this country." He mentions 
>one, Tablighi Jamaat, "a Pakistani organization 
>that is hand-in-glove with the Wahaabis, strong 
>Muslim sects known for their strict observance 
>of the Koran, and a strong facilitator of 
>al-Qaida and other factions of terrorism. They 
>alone have 1,000 missionaries in New York, 
>50,000 across the United States. This is only 
>one organization. In 1994, I took a map and 
>started putting pins in it. I found there is not 
>a single state without a mosque. Since then (the number) has increased."
>Americans must see past their natural reluctance 
>to paint all members of a group with a broad 
>brush and realize our failure to act now against 
>this clear and present danger in the ways Sam 
>Soloman recommends will lead to a disaster for 
>us that is far worse than our Cold War enemies had envisaged.

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