Remind me not to drink their water!!!

Wed Aug 30 23:13:22 MDT 2006

John Quayle wrote:
>          */Friends, I stopped drinking regular tap water almost 6 years 
> ago, because of content. The municipality doesn't matter. You'll 
> commonly find trace elements of Arsenic, Toluene, Benzene, Lead, Copper 
> and other contaminates in every glassful, no matter where. You say, 
> "ha!!! Trace elements!!! Big deal!"
> /*          */These nasties build up in your bodily tissues over time. 
> The absolute _WORST_ is Fluoride.......yep. Good, ol' tooth-hardening 
> stuff. Fluoride has been linked to a plethora of organ-related cancers 
> and even Alzheimer's.  Wanna harden your teeth? Use the substance your 
> choppers are made of - _CALCIUM_!!!! It won't turn your teeth orange, 
> either. Oh, yeah........I used to work for General Ionics, too - once 
> the world's leading water filtration system manufacturer.......until GE 
> came along and bought the company. 
> John Q.

Water from many sources in the west contains trace amounts of arsenic. 
However these are usually so low that drinking the water won't cause any 

When I was a kid, we lived in a town that had fluoride in the water 
naturally.  During the time I lived there and for years afterward, I 
didn't have any problems with my teeth.  Go down to that area and look 
at some of the people who live there.  You'll see a lot of old people 
who never lost any teeth.  They're brown, but they're still there.


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