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OREM, Utah (AP) — A man who called police to report that his marijuana 
was stolen was arrested after police recovered the pot and invited him 
to come to the Public Safety Building to identify it.

Kory C. Tippetts, 18, of Orem, was arrested and booked into the Utah 
County jail for investigation of possession of marijuana in a drug-free 
zone with intent to distribute, police said Tuesday.

Tippetts called police Monday evening after someone broke a window, got 
cut on the glass and crawled into his home while he was away. He told 
police the only thing missing was a quarter-pound bag of marijuana he 
was selling.

Tippetts also told officers that a man called him about buying some 
marijuana earlier in the day, but Tippetts was on his way to work and 
told the caller no. He gave police the caller's name.

Officers found Richard W. Hight, 23, at his mother's home in Provo, 
where they recovered six ounces of marijuana. Hight had a cut on his arm 
and blood-soaked pants, police said.

He was arrested for investigation of burglary, theft and possession of 
marijuana in a drug-free zone with intent to distribute and booked into 
the Utah County jail.

"The company will not have such revolting, disgusting objects put in 
it's uniforms." - The Inspector

"I don't see that.  They got you in one." - Stan Butler

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