In The News: Sheehan The Whore & Disgruntled Postal Worker

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 1 21:17:22 MST 2006

As you are most likely aware, Cindy "The Dem's Hoe" Sheehan was initially
arrested by Capital Police for wearing a tee shirt intended to be used as
a form of demonstration against Bush and his administration, and a
disgruntled ex-postal worker shot to death five of her former coworkers
and then committed suicide.  

The actions of the disgruntled ex-postal worker were misguided, in that I
can think of many extreme left wing liberals (aka Demoncrats and Dem Hoe)
that she could have guided her efforts towards.  The wrong people in this
world get terminated, when misguided individuals should be directed
towards the correct direction, should they decided to take out
individuals and then commit suicide.  


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