Mohammed cartoons

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Thu Feb 2 21:15:07 MST 2006

Steven Laib wrote:
> There are also articles on FrontPageMag and on worldnetdaily.
> One, I noted indicated that the actions of the muslims in response to 
> the cartoons is proof that at least some of them are on target.
> More seriously, this is another attempt to tell us "submit or die".  
> Does anyone here watch Stargate SG1.  I noted some interesting
> parallels in episode The 4th Horseman, part 2.  Teal'c questions whether 
> a presumed God should not be judged by his actions,
> and suggests that someone who offers to guide others down the path to 
> enlightenment but orders that those who refuse to follow
> should be killed repudiates his own offer.

I watch the show.  The first time I saw the Ori, I said: They're muslims.

> Sounds like a swipe at the muslim approach to faith. Who knows if it was 
> intended.

If I could draw, there would be no mistake about whether or not my 
drawings were a swipe at islam.

> Steve Laib


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