Mohammed cartoons

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Interesting what offends some.  Somehow I can't imagine these same people urging a boycott of Arab news networks that show the beheading of innocent unarmed hostages.  

BTW,  I'd stay away from Danish dairy products for a few more uranium half-lifes.   After Chernobyl, some of their cheese products were pretty close to glowing in the dark.


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> Fox News has an article about it on their site if you're more 
> interested. Recently in Denmark a newspaper published some cartoons 
> featuring the moslem prophet Mohammed. One cartoon depicts him with a 
> bomb complete with burning fuse in his turban. 
> The moslems are upset about this. Many moslem organizations are calling 
> for a boycott of Danish products. 
> I just emailed the Danish embassy in Washington asking for information 
> on what Danish products are available. I'm going to go out there and 
> buy something Danish, even if it's a hunk of havarti cheese. 
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> "The company will not have such revolting, disgusting objects put in 
> it's uniforms." - The Inspector 
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