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I have no idea what is causing your current problems but I do remember when
I worked at EarthLink that the couple of times areas were down for a
significant amount of time was due to actual physical problems. Once it was
subscribers calling from New York (lines ran under the Twin Towers) and
another was when there was a subway fire through which again communication
lines had been run through.

Good luck.

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Friday morning (today) at approximately 0200 my DSL service slowed to a
crawl.  At that point it was good only for email.  Here is is 21 hours later
and it's still down.  Qwest the local phone company has admitted that the
problem is in their equipment.  When I called today the tech support drone
told me they became aware of the problem at 1100.  Here it is 2300 and they
still haven't fixed it.

I'm in the wrong business.  I should get a job as a qwest repair drone. 
  I would have less work to do than the laziest government employee. 
Also I wouldn't be expected to actually fix anything.  It would be as good a
deal as the deal those union thugs in Michigan have with GM and the jobs

This whole snafu (Yes I know what snafu means. It applies here.) raises some

1. Why is it taking them so long to fix the problem?
2. What excuse do they have for not being aware of the problem for 9 hours?
3. Do they really think I'm so stupid as to believe nobody called before
1100 to complain?

Does anyone have a phone number or email address for a drone at Qwest who
would have answers to the questions above?



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