They should have kept their mouts shut

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Sat Feb 11 19:50:10 MST 2006

The ragheads should have kept their mouths shut about those cartoons. 
They fail to understand one thing about Western culture.  Tell somebody 
they should not or are forbidden to do something and that's the first 
thing they'll want to do; even if they had no interest in it before you 
said anything.

The latest hubub is over a sex toy.

Ann Summers a chain of adult sex shops in England has started selling 
one called Mustafa Shag.  Shag is British slang.  It's equivalent in 
American English is another four letter word that begins with f and ends 
with a k.  Moslems say Mohammed was known also by a title Al Mustaffa.

To avoid offending anyone here, I'll not give a description of Mustaffa 
Shag.  You can read it at,,2-2006060507,00.html

if you're interested.

There is one quote from the Moslem Association in Manchester.

In a letter to the store, the Association said: “You have no idea how 
much hurt, anguish and disgust this obnoxious phrase has caused to 
Muslims. We are asking you to have our Most Revered Prophet’s name 
‘Mustafa’ and the afflicted word ‘shag’ removed.”

Hey Abdul!  The people at Ann Summers know how you'd feel about Mustaffa 
Shag, how much anguish and distrust this causes you.  That's why they 
gave it that name.  If you don't like it, leave England and go back to 
Saudi Arabia or wherever the hell you came from.  Then you can go back 
to shagging all the camels you want and nobody will care.


"The company will not have such revolting, disgusting objects put in 
it's uniforms." - The Inspector

"I don't see that.  They got you in one." - Stan Butler

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