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Sun Feb 12 11:46:06 MST 2006

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At 01:02 PM 2/12/2006, you wrote:
>All the discussion points out exactly what Jim wrote earlier.  Get 
>us upset and we will do what you don't like just to spite you.
>It would seem that the ragheads don't get it, so maybe we just have 
>to keep it up until someone figures it out.
>   SNIP

That's because they are really not offended as they pretend to be. It 
is just an excuse to foment more violence and increase recruitments 
for homicide bombers. Otherwise the "leaders" would have to practice 
what they preach.

Interesting but not surprising hypocrisy from the NYT in case no one 
noticed. They refused to reprint the "offending" cartoons lest they 
offend Muslims. However, the next day they had no problem reprinting 
that old crap, the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung. Offending 
Christians is OK, I guess. I think us Christians should riot, loot 
and burn the NYT offices. Or is it cowardice rather then hypocrisy or both?

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