Holy Cow!!!!!!!

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 Go to   http://www.thesun.co.uk/     and  enjoy the entire Sun paper.  Top 25 Viral Emails and Top 10 Viral Sport Emails are worth a click also.   Today's page3 beauty (Keeley) is supposed to be in the  US Playboy pretty soon.   Pornography? .....  Yes, ...... but it is pornography like it ought to be.....


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> Not quite John. A London newspaper The Sun features photos of topless 
> women on page 3. If you go to www.page3.com you'll see the woman who is 
> featured that day. The picture on that page is censored with a banner 
> that says to click on that picture to see the ones you really want to 
> see. Whatever you do, don't go to www.page3.com 
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