Holy Cow!!!!!!!

Jose jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM
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I look forward to watching this election. Although Swann has been slow to
reveal his platform, I think strategically he is the best candidate to take
on Rendell. My only regret is that Bill Scranton was not selected as a
candidate for Lt. Governor, he could have helped win the Northeast region.

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I know little of Swannies politics, and wasn't sure of him when I was polled
a few weeks ago.   The more vitriol that comes from the left, the more I


To call the '06 elections in PA interesting would be an understatement.   In
their rush to go full tilt against Sabtorum, the Dems have all but cornered
themselves into supporting the pro-gun/life son of  the late Gov Casey
(forbidden by the likes of Hillary and Teddy from even speaking at the Dem
Convention).   Their taste for Santorum's blood is looking like a classic
case of getting their fangs caught in their shoelaces.


Swannie running for Gov gives the Dems more problems.  For those not
familiar with PA election results, the inner-city black vote going 85% Dem
is the only reason failed mayors of failed cities (like Rendell) can get
elected in a state that has an 85% red election map.   If the Dems allow a
Republican candidate like Swannie to make modest gains with "their"  inner
city black voting block , their biggest victory in '06 may be the election
(or near election) of a pro-life/gun Democrat.


Ann Coulter thought the Dems were "moral pretzels" back in the 90's, but she
ain't seen nothin' yet.   The Dems in Harrisburg may as well change our
motto from the "Keystone State"  to the "Pretzel State" right now.







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	Ex-Steeler NFL great, Lynn Swann (53) has selected PA State Rep. Jim
Matthews (56) to be his gubernatorial running mate. Matthews is best known
as the younger brother of MSNBC Hardball's Chris Matthews. Chris hates
Republicans! Wonder if this will change Chris' repartee?!? 
	M-m-m-m-m.......nah-h-h-h-h-h!!!!! Heck, I was hopin' "Swannee"
would pick me! The press corps would have a fit picking on two "birds"
running for the governor's mansion. Birds is another Brit slang
term.......meaning "girls" (with whom you can shag).........on these shores,
such "birds" (Swann & Quayle) would devour the press jackals like hungry
mountain cats. 
	John Q.

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