Where is the law?

Rob Loach rob at IVMAN.COM
Wed Feb 15 04:49:37 MST 2006

I just assumed that Cheney's initial silence and yesterday's press 
conference withholding of news of the mild heart attack of Cheney's 
lawyer friend was the administration's finally becoming more shrewd and 
being more careful to *not* "leak" things to the press.


Thomas Matiska <tom.matiska at ATT.NET> wrote:

I think the delay was a hoot!    No one in Washington is unaware of 
media news cycles.  I suspect the VP was aiming(pun intended) for the 
whole rotten Washington Press core to go to sleep Sat nite and wake up 
Sunday  to find the biggest story of the week in a small local Texas 
newspaper.   Too darn bad their feelings got hurt...... NOT!


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     > The media types are all upset that they had to find out about the 
     > Cheney hunting accident by reading a local newspaper mentioning the
     > event. They're angry that Cheney didn't call them first thing.
     > In many places there are laws saying that accidents involving 
guns have
     > to be reported to the police. Where is there a law requiring 
people to
     > notify the national news media when they're involved in a hunting
     > accident? Does Texas have such a law?

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