Hillary Hypocracy

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Wed Feb 15 10:58:29 MST 2006


Seems Hillary wants Cheney to be more forthcoming.( like she was after the Vince Foster shooting?)
The WH is slipping if they don't call her on this.

-IIRC, at the time of the Foster shooting, the "Madam VP" was on vacation and off the radar screen for several days, for reasons that still aren't clear. ( lots of theories, but most believable to me was she was getting work done on her cheek implants, and needed a few days off camera.)

She explained she called VF's office from Arkansas to console her staff......2 dozen++ times??? (more likely she was directing the search of VF's office by her staff  to remove evidence subpoenaed for investigations of her other crimes.)

One of her secretaries, Lisa(?) Caputo, fought efforts to subpoena her records of the Madam VP's itinerary, and  eventually left town with 6-digit legal bills, and a ruined career(more road kill on Clinton's path to success)

Shortly after "taking one for the team"  Lisa Caputo father was appointed to be a Federal Judge by Bill Clinton.(  no "cronyism" by "her" administration re> judicial appointments)

Wouldn't it be nice if Hillary was asked to explain her itinerary at the time of the VF shooting,  her role in the search of his office, and the subsequent appointment of Judge Caputo to the bench?    . 

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