Am I out of the mainstream

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Thu Feb 16 20:08:15 MST 2006

Looks like we have a presidential candidate.

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From: Errol Phillips <ep at>,

If I were President, the following List are some of the projects that I
would be working on.

Would I be considered out of the mainstream ?

      * Cut Aid to Arabs in West Bank and Gaza
      * Send troops to borders North and South and Insist Canada
        participate (Don't want Mexico)
      * Surgical Strikes on Iran's Leadership
      * Resolve to indict ACLU as criminal and subversive organization
      * Profile passengers at Airports and and other public tansporation
      * Infiltrate Mosques and deport radicals
      * Freeze Government hiring and a institute a 10% pay reduction on
        all Federal Civilian personnel
      * Eliminate existing Congressional Pension Plan and substitute
        Social Security Plan for the Politicians
      * Eliminate the Agriculture Department
      * Eliminate the Department of Education
      * Create a Flat Tax
      * Create Private Accounts in Social Security
      * Withdraw from UN
      * Establish Term Limits for the Senate and the House
      * Provide million dollar life insurance policies for Servicemen
        killed in combat
      * Enforce the ban on political donations from the NEA and other
        similar Organizations
      * Create a Congressional White Caucus if the Black Congressional
        Caucus stays in existence
      * Eliminate all federal funding for Organizations that utilize
        affirmative action
      * Eliminate Tenure Status at Federally Financed Education
      * Insist that losing side in Law Cases pay all court costs
        and winning side legal fees
      * Eliminate contingent legal fees
      * Must have picture ID to vote and use purple ink like Iraq.
      * Force illegals to register and get a work permit and pay taxes
        or deportation
      * If Indians want all those computer jobs - they must move to USA
        to take them
      * Drill for Oil in Anwar and expand exploration
      * Heavy funding for alternative energy sources reseach
      * Enact a Balanced Budget Amendment

Errol Phillips 
An Independent Jewish Conservative


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