Why Would They Want to Impeach Bush?

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Fri Feb 17 18:36:26 MST 2006

Unemployment is near a ten year low, record housing starts in January, Treasury had a December surplus.....   all this "bad" news must be driving the Bush haters crazy.    Nice thing about being a Republican is I don't have to get up each morning wishing for something bad to happen.



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> All I've been hearing lately is "Impeach Bush", was Cheney intoxicated 
> when he shot Harry Whittington, or was Cheney having a secret affair with 
> one of the women on his recent hunting party? 
> No way are they going to break up the combination of Bush and Dick. They 
> need each other. Dick like's Bush, and vice versa. Dick and Bush work 
> well together; like two peas in a pod. 
> So, understand that Dick and Bush will be together for a while longer. 
> They're made for each other. In fact, in the State of Texas, if you 
> (meaning the Dems or Liberals) want to go Dick hunting, you're now going 
> to have to buy a Dick stamp to attach to your hunting license. No free 
> meals in this state. 
> Richard 
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