Why Would They Want to Impeach Bush?

Ray Thomas raythomas101 at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 19 10:49:17 MST 2006


I think you know why they want to impeach Bush. He beats them. He beat them 
in two major elections. He beats them every time they call him out. He has 
made them look like the fools they are. They're "grabbing at straws", every 
one they can. And he beats them every time.

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>Subject: Why Would They Want to Impeach Bush?
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>All I've been hearing lately is "Impeach Bush", was Cheney intoxicated
>when he shot Harry Whittington, or was Cheney having a secret affair with
>one of the women on his recent hunting party?
>No way are they going to break up the combination of Bush and Dick.  They
>need each other.  Dick like's Bush, and vice versa.  Dick and Bush work
>well together; like two peas in a pod.
>So, understand that Dick and Bush will be together for a while longer.
>They're made for each other.  In fact, in the State of Texas, if you
>(meaning the Dems or Liberals) want to go Dick hunting, you're now going
>to have to buy a Dick stamp to attach to your hunting license.  No free
>meals in this state.

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