Arabs running our major ports?

William White wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 20 10:47:12 MST 2006

On its face, it looks and sounds strange.  I identify myself with the concept of "the nation."  So-called "global arrangements" bother me.  In a time of the "Terror War," this arrangement is more than odd.  Multinational corporations are multi-layered and difficult to sort out and to assess in an ideologically coherent way.  Here's an onion that ought to be peeled.

Rob Loach <rob at IVMAN.COM> wrote:
  I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I read the news that W. has approved an
Arab company's control of some of our country's major ports! Has he fallen off
the wagon or something?!?

The thought came to me that someone close to him ought to suggest replacing our
current Secret Service with agents from Arab countries. Think he'd go along
with that?


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