Arabs running our major ports?

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Mon Feb 20 11:14:45 MST 2006

Not with W on this one.    Interesting that Hillary made the point in the last few days that she is against foreign control of a port if it is a company controlled by a foreign government(COSCO-Long Beach???)  
If W is going to support this,  he should lift some of words from the speech archive of a certain former president. 
Q Mike, I understand that the President is approving this leasing of the navy port at Long Beach to the COSCO, to the Chinese. But is he thinking about the possible military things that may happen someday? 
MR. MCCURRY: He is very supportive, because it is foreseen as part of our base-closing process, very supportive of those efforts by local communities to take facilities that were once U.S. military installations that have been closed as a result of the base-closing and realignment process and involved local communities in exploring potential private sector uses for those. In fact, that very facility the President went to during the course of the campaign and applauded the efforts of the local community to do that. We have been supportive of the local officials when they've been here at the White House; they foresee a lot of different activities to privatize that facility. And one of them, of course, involves using that port facility for ongoing purposes. And that's the context in which local authorities made a decision to approach COSCO. 
The national security implications of that are under review, as you know, at the Defense Department and even just yesterday, I believe, Ken Bacon over at the Defense Department briefed on that point, and they're looking -- the Secretary of Defense is looking into any security concerns, and as Ken Bacon reported yesterday, he's not aware of any concerns that have surfaced at this point. 
Q So it's not finally decided yet, then? 
MR. MCCURRY: I don't believe he's completed the review, but I believe, if I'm not mistaken, Mr. Bacon reported yesterday they hadn't seen anything develop that presented any security concerns. 
 .......  snip.... 
P.S.   Interesting to read the entire press conference.... Presidential Coffee's being sold for $400K,   Lincoln Bedroom rentals, etc.....    only thing different is the people attacking W now were busy defending Slick then, and visa versa. 
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