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Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Mon Feb 20 21:51:54 MST 2006

John wrote:


> *Remember that kid, Farris Hassan, the 16-year-old from Florida, who 
> went to Iraq a few weeks ago to allegedly find out for himself what 
> conditions were like for Iraqis and to satisfy a requirement for this 
> journalism class he was taking?
> Remember also how his parents were all distraught not knowing where he was?*
> *Remember how the media lionized him for being so brave?*
> *Would it surprise you to learn that NO NETWORK JOURNALIST took the 
> initiative to do a little research?
> *
> *Further, would it surprise you to learn that his parents KNEW where he 
> was because they helped him get his ticket?
> *
> *Would it surprise you to learn that his school has no such journalism 
> class?
> *
> *Would it surprise you to learn that his parents sent a note to school 
> saying he'd be gone during that period?
> *
> *Would it surprise you to learn his father was arrested for forging 
> 2,000 Iraqi passports and was probably attempting to forge 2,000 more?
> *
> *Has it ever occurred to you that the student and his family can really 
> be prospective terrorists in sheep's clothing?*

If you listen to Quinn in the morning; none of this would surprise you. 
  Why?  Because Quinn talked about this about a month ago.


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