Fw: Dear asslamaleku in the name of Allah on behalf my Family

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I love these people.  They just keep trying to come up with another line.
 I wish I had a dollar for each one I've received.  Before it was the
Nigerians, now the bozo's are using the "Benevolent Muslim" theme.

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Subject: Dear asslamaleku  in  the name of Allah  on behalf my Family
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My Dear asslamaleku  n the name of Allah(swt),the most beneficent, the
most mercifulSalam-un-Alaikum It is a great pleasure for me to introduce
this I take this opportunity to extend felicitations to all of you who
have had the honor ofvisiting these holy places and, at the same time, I
pray to Allah (Subhanahuwa Taalah) that he grants the opportunity to
those of you.
Salam alikum" ATTN;Dear Friend All you do is -
1) Say: this prayer before you read this mail
a- Subhan Allah
b- Alhamdu Lillah
c- Allaho Akbar
d- La ilaha ilal Allah Mohammed ur rasoolul Allah
e- Allahoma sali aala sayidna Mohammedin wa ala alahi wasahbahi 
Dear Sir, I got your contact through my private search, I therefore
decided to contact you .I am the second son of General Sanni Abacha, the
late Military Head of State of Nigeria. When my father was alive I used
to move funds, in cash, running into millions of United States dollars to
Brazil, Lebanon and other parts of the world, for safe keeping on behavf
However, on the eve of my father’s death in June 8, 1998, he gave me the
DOLLARS)in cash to move to Lebanon as usual, but immediately my father
died I had to move the fund to EROUPE through a diplomatic courier
service to a trust security company in EROUPE. The funds have been in the
security company in EROUPE since July 1998.However, because of the many
restrictions placed on my family by the present Nigerian Government, I
simply cannot travel to EROUPE to secure the funds from the security
company in EROUPE. What I now need from you are as follows:- 
1.You should travel to EROUPE to secure the funds in cash on my behalf
and deposit it in your bank account in your Country. 

2.You will be entitled to 30% of the total sum involved for your
 3.As soon as you confirm to me by my above e-mail address your readiness
to travel to EROUPE, I will send a copy of my Power of Attorney to the
security company in EROUPE authorizing them to release the funds to you. 
4.As soon as you have the fund in your custody, I will give you details
of where and which sector you will invest my share of the funds into, on
my behalf. 
5.Please note that this project is 100% risk free, but you must keep it
very secret and confidential because of my personal security. Please
contact me immediately through my email address (fahabu at yahoo.com)I
expect your prompt reply. Best Regards. Fahabu Abacha
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