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Tue Feb 28 22:40:47 MST 2006

I have an issue with the point of view that "...he (W) sold out his party..."    When is the last time that those who are positioning to scapegoat his leadership showed any hint they wanted to follow?

Newt's attempt to control budget growth by limiting Medicare increases to less than triple inflation was not exactly defended by "loyal" conservatives, and Newt's career was left to "wither on the vine".  Why should W fall on hs budget sword and commit political suicide by balancing the budget at the expense of granny's medications? 

Clinton was able to give the Communist Chinese controlled COSCO  rights to a US port  AFTER  the Repubs took control of both houses.  (aside from a meaningless resolution that still allowed COSCO to have the port)

How many "loyal" conservative are willing to go to the mat on defunding the Federally funded liberal education Mafia? Or write meaningful campaign finance laws that also control what special groups on the left can do during elections?  Or balanced budget measures that cut into their pork?    Or strike a blow for energy independence and vote for more US drilling?  etc.. etc.. etc....

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