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As a recovering and repentant FORMER member of the Fourth Estate (Knight-Ridder), I must explain that when reporters consider themselves to be anointed, they also begin to think of themselves as nearly omnipotent and incapable of error.  I left journalism because I was sickened and angry at the continuing leftward slant present and growing within its ranks still, even after decades of slanted corruption, in news reportage.  But I also noted with sad dismay an increasingly prevalent tendency toward sloppy technique, thin if existent fact checking and lazy editing.  Editors still kick butt over misspelled names, but seem much less likely to demand multiple sources, especially in high-emotion stories and, naturally, in stories that support thinly veiled political and social agendas.  The Fourth Estate is sick and has been for at least three decades.

John B Hammes <economic56 at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
  I guess I was right on having your sources for anything you put in writing
or repeat.  Look what happened to the elite media during the coal mine disaster...although they won’t admit they screwed up on that.  No one bothered to ask “which official says so?” when they reported, “it’s official
twelve miners found ALIVE!”
  John Hammes

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