Ode to Harry Blowafonte (and Friends)

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Mon Jan 9 20:06:09 MST 2006

 Yellow Turds
  Yellow turds, high on banana seeds. 
  Yellow turds, fingering Commie beads.
  Did your Cornell friend blow his nose again? 
  That is oh so red, makes me feel so dead.
  You squawked away to Chavez that way. 
  You more crazy than he.
  Iraq also had a dictator, he's not with them today. 
  They're all the same those dictators.
  Take lives and homes then fly away.
  Yellow turds, yellow turds.
  Did your Glover boy taxi left again? 
  Thatfs what they do, and you do, too.
  So slander more, your country more. 
  You more traitor than me.
  Glad me not a yellow turd, big nutcase and shitty bird. 
  I am not a yellow turd, but I am turning blue. 
  Laughing, laughing at you.
  Yellow turds, yellow turds.
  (Sung reverently)

France has usually been governed by prostitutes. (Mark Twain)

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