"Music With a Twist" - New Sony Record Label For Gay/Lesbian/Transgenders

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Wed Jan 11 20:19:39 MST 2006

Oh goody!  Here are some others:
  - "Crumble My Cookies" by Famous Anus
  - "Stalone Sends Me" by Rambutt and the Hudson Rock Dykes
  - "Poofter! There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant!" by Bruce and Lance
  - "NAMBLA, My Lord, Cum NAMBLA" by the Pederastics
  - "Twinkie Twinkie Little Star" by the Furry Bears
  And the all-time family favorite, "God Save the Queens" by the Back Watch.
  Too easy, butt, ah, fun.

Richard A Whitenight <rum.runner at JUNO.COM> wrote:
  Sony Music has announced a new record label for nurturing the music of
Lesbian, Gays, and Transgenders. It will be known as "Music With a
Twist". Some of the initial songs will be from the movie, "Broke Back
Moutain," such as "Stand Behind Your Man," and "Homo on The Range".


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