God is responsible for "Global Warming"

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Overlooking one fact:  More cows =  more "fertilizer"  =  more plants... thus the vicious cycle of life (aka the food chain) continues.  I do like the idea of eating more meat.  And to mitigate whatever damage to plant life cows do cause,  I'll try to pump more CO2 into the atmosphere to help encourage plant growth.  (explain in zillion words or less why "greenhouse" is bad?  What envionwacko decided warmer temps and more plant life were bad for the environment?)


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> Here's my reasoning. More cows means more plants eaten. This means 
> fewer plants to produce methane. Once the plants have all been eaten, 
> the cows will become extinct because there won't be anything for them to 
> eat. Of course this will take a long time so let's enjoy it while we 
> can. ...........
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