Stupid in America

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Sat Jan 14 00:19:19 MST 2006

After watching the 20/20 program, (By the way, did anyone watch it besides
me?) I went to Google and looked up “Stupid in America” in the exact phrase
slot of Advanced Search.  I found among the first few items, a web page ( devoted to bashing the 20/20
program and calling it “school bashing”.  It had several places to go to get
ammo against people who “bash schools”.  I went to this one first; (
<> .) there were two
links, so I clicked on the one that said “Public Education Progress by
 State”.  That took me to another webpage (
<> ) 
were only three links there, and one was no longer in existence.  The one
that I visited was the Oregon School Boards Association web page (clicked on
“Oregon: Good News”).

On the Oregon School Boards Association web page ( there was a link about
challenging misinformation about schools ( On that page, I found something
which I don’t think I’d be so proud of if I were looking for an example of
how “great” public schooling is nowadays.  Can anyone find that mistake that
makes me feel that way?  Take a look and see if you can find it.

In case you can’t, I’ve pasted it below.  The sentence in BOLD letters has
something wrong with it.  I pasted one word in that sentence in BOLD and
underlined it.  This is how the sentence read on the page, as evidenced by
the link above.  I’m amazed that the people who teach the kids in Oregon
could offer this as an example of what public education can do for YOU!

“Four school shooting incidents in 1997-98 that resulted in 11 deaths put
questions about school violence and safety on the top of parents’ and
community members’ concerns about schools. While not child’s death is
acceptable, critics need to realize that every two days in America 11
children die from family violence, abuse or neglect. They need to know that
the likelihood of violent death in schools is far less than in the workplace
where each year almost a million people are victims of violent crime. Most
of all, your community needs to know what you are doing at your schools to
make sure kids are safe and violence stops at the schoolhouse door.”

For those who happen to live in Rio Linda, CA, the BOLD word above should be
“no” instead of  “not” to be grammatically correct.  A simple typo, yes, but
still, whoever wrote that page would not be a good poster boy/girl for how
“great” our public school system is.


P.S.   I didn’t bother to go to any of the other links.

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