Stupid in America

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Sat Jan 14 07:47:41 MST 2006

 On the Oregon School Boards Association web page
( there was a link about
challenging misinformation about schools
( On that page, I found
something which I don't think I'd be so proud of if I were looking for
an example of how "great" public schooling is nowadays.  Can anyone find
that mistake that makes me feel that way?  Take a look and see if you
can find it. 
Make school communications two-way. Provide opportunities to listen to
what staff are hearing from parents and patrons.
There is a subject-verb agreement flaw here with the two words "staff
are."  It is about as obvious as the picture I saw about a year ago,
where an NEA freak had a picket sign which read, "READING, wRITING and
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