MLK Day and Black History "Month"

Rob Loach rob at IVMAN.COM
Sun Jan 15 11:56:13 MST 2006

Since today is MLK's real birthday, I thought I'd send a message to the 
group on that topic. This year is the first year that the county we live 
in is legally observing MLK Day. (This holiday was imposed on our county 
this past spring. Up until then, only *4* county workers opted to use 
their "floating holiday" to be off on MLK day. Now MLK is one of the 
county's mandatory paid holidays and there is no longer a floating 
holiday. That's real democracy and freedom, huh?!) I'm just wondering, 
with this newfound "freedom," what we're supposed to do ... like, what 
is part of a traditional MLK Day celebration???

Ironically, today also puts us at the one-quarter mark in Black History 
"Month". The reason I put month in quotation marks is that, from what we 
see through the media, the talk about this special "month" begins 
January 1 and goes till February 28, if not longer. Is it the same in 
your part of the country?

Will MLK's dream of a "color-blind society" ever get us to the point 
where no month is a history month of any one color? It seems to me that 
all that the so-called black leaders of today are trying to do is to 
keep racism based on color alive. Keeping it before our eyes during a 
two-month long "month" is doing anything but encouraging color-blindness!


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