MLK Day and Black History "Month"

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So when is Hispanic History Month?


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>The holiday is known to me as "Tom Matiska Day".   MLK's day is a few days 
>before mine, but close enough for me to consider the paid holiday to be 
>mine.  Tom Matiska Day is best celebrated by engaging in shooting sports,
>conservative political activities,   or any motors ports activity that has 
>excessive CO2 emissions.  Cap off the day with a fine cigar and an 
>adult beverage.

Best advice ever.  Celebrate what we choose.  Let others celebrate what they
choose.  MLK day, Veterans' day, Presidents' day - all the same to me;  I
work every one of them.

I do, though, get my birthday off - every five years or so (whenever it
happens to fall on a weekend!)

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