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Fri Jan 20 21:57:56 MST 2006

From: Errol Phillips <ep at>

James Lileks writes occasionally about Senatitus, a peculiar condition
that infects United States Senators with an overwhelming hubris, the
result of never being contradicted by staff or constituents. 

Their inevitable surprise at not being the smartest person in the room
is a joy to watch, as is their indifference to embarrassment.


These buffoons posturing before the cameras at the Alito hearings is
pathetic. Perhaps someone might point this out to Chappaquidick
Ted, Word Lifter Biden , Chuckie the Laaaawyer, and Leaky Leahy. 

They have given Saturday Night Live ready to order scripts. Really, you
can't make this stuff up.

Errol Phillips 
An Independent Jewish Conservative 

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