Viruses Protecting Themselves?

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Sun Jan 22 20:23:08 MST 2006

Jose, this darn virus I have on my computer, literally shuts down Juno or
IE web browser if it sees any resemblance of a site that can destroy or
remove it.  I suspect what I'll have to do is run a software such as
Norton Disk Doctor or Anti-Virus program from my CD rom drive.

On Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:30:41 -0500 Jose <jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM> writes:
> I have read of worms that shut down currently running anti-virus 
> programs.
> It wouldn't be too hard to write a worm or virus that tries to 
> prevent you
> from visiting certain sites. I don't doubt that they exist.

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