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Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Wed Jan 25 17:34:40 MST 2006

>But, we both know that it's often useless to veto a measure if it
>has enough backing to be overridden (the veto).

As good an excuse as any.

>Besides, Bush
>likes to be able to say, "I gave 'em what they wanted."

Exactly - he doesn't have to take a stand.

>I'm not defending Bush by any means. He doesn't need me to do so,
> >
> >
> >> Secondly (lastly) - There is no GWB "Police State".......you are
> >> echoing Michael Moore and I'm worried about your present state
> >> of mind. Do you think things would be any better under Owlgore
> >> or the "Ketchup Kid?"
> >
> >
> > I never, ever, ever made such a claim.  Don't make it for me.
>I was merely asking a question. Don't be so defensive.

You know better.  I don't get defensive.  There are things that deserve 
energy and things that don't.  I choose.

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