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Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Fri Jan 27 21:56:21 MST 2006

I also don't like the idea of shooting the illegal crossers.  First I 
believe the entire border with Mexico should be equipped with whatever 
kinds of sensors are available so that if an illegal crossed the border, 
someone would know.  Outposts should be placed every few miles so that 
people can be sent to the scene of an illegal crossing before the 
illegals have time to get away.  Also since there is a problem with 
Mexican soldiers crossing the border, helping smugglers and shooting at 
our people,  National guard troops and regular army as needed should be 
stationed along the border so they can deal with the Mexican soldiers. 
If the Mexican soldiers come into this country, they should be pursued 
until caught even if this means US forces have to go into Mexico to 
catch them.

William White wrote:
> I hate the thought of shooting the illegal crossers.  That said the 
> point that our borders and immigration laws will be enforced needs to be 
> made clearly and unequivocally.  Pussyfooting is not an option.  What 
> technology is available: stun guns, tranquilizer darts, sprays, nets?  
> All segments of our society need to get on board, including the 
> employers, who entice and employ illegals.  Borders define entities at 
> all levels.  The Republicans should take a decisive lead on this and 
> just "get 'er done."
> Bill 


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