not another lurker

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Thu Jul 6 03:45:03 MDT 2006

Lately there has been some talk on this list of lurkers.  Soon you'll 
receive posts from a someone new.  However it's not someone new.  It's 
me.  I signed up at another address because I haven't gotten any posts 
from rushtalk for several days.  I've also had trouble with another list 
I'm on.  Maybe it's the liberals trying to keep me isolated or something.

"I have this theory that people get promoted to management because 
they're crap at any other job."
- Roger Twiggy Day

"It's 3 in the morning.  Do you know where your Kennedys are?"
- Sean Hannity

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