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Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Thu Jul 6 14:49:54 MDT 2006

William White wrote:
> Summer volume usually declines, but not this much.  Rushtalkers must be 
> spending their communication time on other lists or else mowing their 
> lawns, as I must do today.
> Madam Albright says we must not make fun of Kim Jong for the failure of 
> his missiles.
> It is OK to continue making fun of her?

Tell Madame Halfbright I will continue to make fun of Kim Jong Mentally 
Ill and his dud missiles that barely get off the pad before they crash.


"I have this theory that people get promoted to management because 
they're crap at any other job."
- Roger Twiggy Day

"It's 3 in the morning.  Do you know where your Kennedys are?"
- Sean Hannity

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